How to set metric in logstash datadog_metrics plugin

I am trying to send custom metrics to datadog using the datadog_metrics output plugin,
All parameters seems to work fine as I can see the host and metric_name in the datadog. my problem is with the metric_value parameter which I do not understand how to set. I have tried few variations but no success.

	          datadog_metrics   {
	 	                 api_key => "XXXXXXXX"
  			 host => "%{host}"
  			 device => "%{host}"
  			 metric_name => "platform_status"
  			 metric_type => "gauge" 
  			 metric_value => "<<5,6>>"
  			 timeframe => 1

according to the DOC should be <<,>> and:

  • Value type is <> * Default value is `"%{metric_value}"`
  • Thanks,

    as simple as:

    metric_value => "5"

    working now ... :slight_smile:

    how to pass a value from a json to this datadog metric_value