Datadog Metric Output Plugin

Hi, I'm trying to parse log files with losgash and create metrics in Datadog.

I want to create "counter" or "count" Datadog metric types increasing by one for each log line parsed.

output {
  datadog_metrics {
    api_key => "xxxx"
    metric_name => "request"
    metric_type => counter
    metric_value => 1

I realized Datadog API doens't support "counter" metric type but Datadog Metric output plugin seems to allow it.

So Datadog are understanding that value is gauge instead of counter but Logstash Datadog Metric plugin allow send "gauges" via API [1]

Does anyone know if I have some errors? Do you know how to send "counter" metric to Datadog? Is there other way to make this pipeline better?



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