Use cases for es-hadoop

I want to know complete use cases for es-hadoop. I want to understand in what ways we can utilise es-hadoop.

ES-Hadoop is the officially supported connector for Elasticsearch and Hadoop/Spark. You use it just like any other kind of input/output format within Hadoop. The connector allows you to extract data from Elasticsearch for computations within Hadoop and Spark, and also to index the results of your computations into Elasticsearch. We support reading and writing with Hadoop, Hive, and Pig, as well as streamed writing in Storm. The library also contains native support for reading and writing Spark RDD's and Dataframes, with both batch and streaming supported.

How should we set up both on ELK and Hadoop/mapr for ELK to read and write files on HDFS?
Are there any blogs, whitePapers, so something in details on how to setup?


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