Use cases for Weblogic with ELK stack

I'm evaluating ELK stack to implement log centralization so that developers do not need to log on to unix boxes. All logs should be available on a single GUI tagged with host, JVM name.

We already have weblogic JVM monitoring via HP Diagnostics so I don't see much use of filtering my logs via logstash and its filters.
Are there any other use cases of logstash with weblogic which are not covered by existing monitoring tools ? I want to understand if it is really worth the effort to go for filebeat --> logstash --> elassticsearch --> kibana ?

If I want to implement above use case, I can simply do it via filebeat --> elasticsearch --> kibana.

Unless Weblogic is capable of producing JSON logs with discrete fields for the various kinds of information available in an application log message (including a timestamp that Elasticsearch can parse out of the box), that kind of canonicalization and parsing of the raw events is a major reason to use Logstash.