Use converted timestamp from csv like index sufix

I have a lot of CISCO CDR files, about 500k. Its logs from clustef of CISCO CUCM, and I want to put it to indexes with name CUCM-CDR-{mm-yyyy}. Date I want to get from field named "dateTimeDisconnect". Can you help me out?

Can you give an example of what the field dateTimeDisconnect looks like?

Here is - 1630999768

input { generator { codec => json count => 1 lines => [ '{ "dateTimeDisconnect": "1630999768" }' ] } }
filter {
 date {
  match => [ "dateTimeDisconnect", "UNIX" ]
output {
  elasticsearch {
    hosts => "localhost"
    index => "cucm-cdr-%{+MM-YYYY}"
  stdout { codec => json }

Use date filter to convert field dateTimeDisconnect to a date and store in @timestamp. Then you can use the values in your index name. The cucm-cdr portion needs to be lowercased.

Index name will be cucm-cdr-09-2021 from the conf above.


Thanks a lot!

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