Use Elastic APM without search.allow_expensive_queries config

Hello, everyone! How have you been?

I recently updated a Elastic cluster from 7.9.3 to 8.3.2 (intermediate upgrade to 7.17.5).

When I updated the APM Server to 8.3.2 I got the error referred to the APM Integration not configured yet. Well, when I went to the fleet page I received the message:

all shards failed: search_phase_execution_exception: [exception] Reason: Cannot search on field [epm-packages.keep_policies_up_to_date] since it is not indexed and 'search.allow_expensive_queries' is set to false.

Then I turned the search.allow_expensive_queries key from false to true on all nodes I have (masters and data) so I could access the fleet page.

My question is, if I am not interested in use this key as true, what is the another method to have fleet in place?


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