Use elasticsearch for continuous queries

How to use elasticsearch as back-end of continues queries?
I have some queries that should be executed each 1 minute, in 1 day windows.
How to achieve this with best performance?

Executing a query on elasticsearch every minute is not an issue.

Why do you think it's not doable or that you might have performance issues?

Because this query uses many resources and each minute these calculations should executed.
my objects are time based, so last objects not change. I don't want this calculations executed each minute, instead, execute once and for next queries use that result aggregated with new result.

Do you have any example ?

Foe example minimum of download size in a network.
Download size of yesterday is never change anymore and can be calculated once, not each minute

If you want the result from yesterday to be stored, you will need to save that in a new index. It's not something ES does itself.