Use Environment Variables in properties File

Is it possible to use Windows Environment Variables in the config file.

eg. service_name=Servicename_%Hostname%


Are you referring to the APM Server config file or one of the agents?

Agent properties File.

Which agent are you using?

Java Agent 1.6.1

Not in the config file, as it will be read and parsed as a string.
For that you will need to set this configuration via environment variable or system property.

Hi @Eyal_Koren! Thanks for the answer. So I can set some of my settings in the config file and some others via environment variable or system property?

Then I will set only this one via env and hope it works :smiley:


Yes, that should work. Did it work for you?

@felixbarny I didn't try it now, but when I have Time, maybe next week or so, i will try it.

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