Where the enviroment field is set?

Hi, where the enviroment field is set? it is set by the agent? or on the server?

Hello. It is set by the agent. E.g. for the Java agent see: Core configuration options | APM Java Agent Reference [1.x] | Elastic


Thanks, the documentation says that this field is not dynamic, that means that we have to set the name of the enviroment?

@ElasticLiver yes, you have to configure the name for each agent, e.g. as an environment variable.

We are also working on making it possible to set this at the APM Server level: Define a default environment to record on agent data · Issue #4664 · elastic/apm-server · GitHub. If all agents reporting to an APM Server are part of the same environment, then you could set the environment once at the APM Server level instead. If you have agents in multiple environments reporting to one APM Server, then you will need to keep setting the environment per agent.

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