Use * in canvas essql


i have a little question for canvas.
Here is my code:

following line is important:
How can I use * in single quotes ?
When i use Chrome-Version-1 or Chrome-Version-2 everything is working fine.
Now I want to find every string that contains "Chrome-Version" (Chrome-Version-* is not working...)
Can someone please help me ? :slight_smile:

In visualizations i can just use the filter:

User-Agent: Chrome-Version-*

and it is working fine, how can i use it in canvas ?

Have you tried using double quote and escaping them?

WHERE \"User-Agent\" = \"Chrome-Version-*\"

Also, it would help if you posted the queries as a code block instead of images so they can be copy-pasted/searched. Thanks!

yes i already tried:

WHERE "User-Agent" = "Chrome-Version-*"

--> verification_exception: Unknown colum [Chrome-Version-*]

But as far as i know it should be or ? (field="" / value = '')

WHERE "User-Agent" = 'Chrome-Version-*'

--> parse error

sorry for that. I tried to use Blockquote and preformatted text but it will end in a picture :confused:
EDIT: found out

here is my example:

| essql
query="SELECT COUNT() as count
FROM "my_index-
WHERE "User-Agent" = 'Chrome-Version-*'
| math "count"
| metric "SOME TEXT"
| render

Finally i found out my solution:

WHERE "User-Agent" LIKE 'Chrome-Version%'

Best regards

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