Use kibana.index param as prefix for ancillary kibana indices


I'm having sort of a problem with a double kibana installation on top of a single Elastic cluster (currently using 6.7 stack, basic license).

The second kibana has this setting: kibana.index: ".my-second-app-kibana" and works just fine alongside with the main kibana instance.

I have an elastic (3rd party) plugin to allow access only to a subset of indices (my-second-app*) and .my-second-app-kibana*.

The problem arises when the second kibana tries to create ancillary indices like .kibana_task_manager, failing.

Would it be possible to use the same setting specified for the kibana.index parameter as a prefix for all the other indices kibana need to create (eg: .my-second-app-kibana_task_manager)?


You should be able to move the task manager index in the same way using xpack.task_manager.index.

Defining a prefix for all of these system indexes at once sounds like a good idea, I'm not aware this is possible at the moment. Feel free to open a feature request here:


Thank you,
I was unaware of the possibility of defining that index name too (it's rather hidden in doc).

I actually opened a request on github, as you suggested.

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