Use of App.js in Kibana Plugin

I have recently started with developing Visualization plugin for Kibana 4.x.

I understood couple of things from the Kibana Plugin Development Tutorial. I understand that the fist JS to be called will be index.js, and then it creates a connection to other JS files defined in uiExports.visTypes.

However, I am still unclear, how is app.js called? Or how does Kibana includes app.js file?

I am referring the basic clock plugin . Any idea on the same?


In that example, do you mean clock.js?

The visualization is registered in index.js: which references public/clock.js

Hi Tyler,

Thanks! However, I am still unclear with how to use app.js? And what is the signicance of app.js in this example? How and when is app.js called?

Where are you seeing a reference to app.js?