Use of index.merge.policy.reclaim_deletes_weight in 2.3

Does the index.merge.policy.reclaim_deletes_weight configuration parameter still exist in 2.3.3?

I could not find it in the documentation. The last version that contains a reference to this is 1.7.

The parameter exists in 2.x, though one must be careful when changing it, see this blog post:

I presume this needs to be set on each node, and then the whole cluster restarted?

No, you just need to update the index settings to set this parameter, and it will propagate to all nodes (it will be stored in the cluster state). No restart is needed.

How, thru the REST interface?

I tried that, and saw this in the log: "[2017-02-03 08:39:42,523][WARN ][action.admin.cluster.settings] [water] ignoring transient setting [index.merge.policy.reclaim_deletes_weight], not dynamically updateable".

I tried it on a 2.4 instance and it worked for me. Using curl:

curl -XPUT localhost:9200/{index_name}/_settings -d '{ "index.merge.policy.reclaim_deletes_weight": 1.3 }'

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