Use of Kibana for displaying text contents

I have set of fact table in hive which are related to data of customers,transactions. I can move those Hive tables into Elastic search and view the text contents in kibana. Please find the example below

Case C1 contains n alerts. The focal entity for C1 is focalentity.
Alert n1 contains t transactions. There are 2 originator and 2 beneficiary associated with this 2 transactions.

Data for Cases,Alerts ,transactions are stored in different elasticsearch tables.

Please guide me how to show those textual data in kibana from elasticsearch

Elasticsearch doesn't have tables. There are different indexes, and an index can have different types. I don't think we can help you based on the information we have so far. You should probably search for some getting started guides on Elasticsearch and Kibana.


you will have to change how you look at elasticsearch data store module. It is not a database. And while you could draw some parallels the concept of tables, columns and rows are not the same.

Database = index
Table = type ( but does not enforce any kind of structure)
Column = any field
Row = document

so for example you may have a table of

R1 C1 C2 C3

but it would be more like (Sudo example) not exact

 _id= "Uniqid assigned by elastic"
 row: 1
 column: 1
 column: 2
 column: 3
 _id= "Uniqid assigned by elastic"
 column: A
 column: B
 column: C
 column: D

I made a specific point of having a Column D becuase in Hive you would need to define that column but in elk a document even though they are of MyType don't have to have all the same fields.

Elastic is not a database, but could be treated thatway but you loose out a lot of the features by doing that.

My goal is to build a visualization tool which contains mostly text data.PFA the sample data.
All those facts will be stored in elasticsearch as seperate types like cases,alerts etc ..Is it possbile ?

it can contain any ascii based data you need, it is more or less how it is organized or utilized that becomes the question of does it accomplish the tasks you need.

I would advise you contacting the sales rep, even if your not going to buy the product being able to talk over what you intend to do will help you go a long way. They know it supports the brand by having you have a positive experience but assisting you during your initial design process

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