Use relative paths instead of absolute with kibana 4.2 beta2

it does not work with kibana 4.2-beta2. (redirect to /app/kibana.)
I expect it to be redirected /kibana4/app/kibana/

my apache config

ProxyPass /kibana4/ http://localhost:5601/
ProxyPassReverse /kibana4/ http://localhost:5601/

but It will work with kibana 4.1.


  • I use namebase virtualhost. It's works fine.
NameVirtualHost *:80
<VirtualHost *:80>
  (snip ...)

I can understand the design has been changed from Kibana 4.2.
However, I hope that also operate in the sub-directory.

Any ideas?

I see how this issue.

So close this discuess.

Indeed that's the issue we're tracking. Care to post your workaround as a comment to the issue?