Use Synthetic/Browser monitor zip source (repo) with private/self-signed cert

Hi All,

I'm looking at setting up a test with the new synthetics/browser module in Heartbeat. I would like to use the Zip URL source for this. However, the repo I want to use has a cert signed by a private CA.

Looking at the settings available for this source, there are no SSL options like there are for the tcp monitor.

Are there any plans to add such options (or are there undocumented options) so that private repos can be used with this monitor/source?

It's not on our roadmap at the moment, but I've just created an issue for it here [Heartbeat] Support private CAs for `zip_url` · Issue #27597 · elastic/beats · GitHub . Thanks for providing your feedback, I'm sure others would find this useful.

It'd be helpful for us to know how you're creating the zip. Are you using a self-hosted git service or similar?

Hi @Andrew_Cholakian1 thanks for the information.

Currently the zip is created by a self-hosted GitLab server from a zip repo link.

Thanks! Understanding how our users infra is setup is quite helpful!

We've merged which should resolve this. It is currently targeting the 7.16.0 release, though that could change in the future.

Great to hear, thanks for the update.

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