Use timepicker value for script

Hi! Thank you for your works!

Can I use timepicker value from kibana dashboard for the script?

I used this kind of script before.

What I want to do is that using timepicker value(from dashboard) for calculating scripted field dynamically.
doc['date1'].value - timepicker value


I'm also interested in using timepicker values within a scripted field. My use case is to build a URL that includes some values from the document and the timepicker value in milliseconds

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That's an idea!

Please confirm that I understood it well.

  1. Make visualization object(URL is generated)
  2. Make your own web page for a dashboard
  3. Use URL with timepicker value

So, are you not using the Kibana dashboard?

My use case stems from our need to display aggregate data in a Kibana dashboard and to support some method of drilling down to a raw time-series visualization backed by time-series data from an external web service. I want to use timelion to visualize the raw data in the same dashboard but the current implementation doesn't seem to support access to the dashboard filters in our timelion implementation. As a workaround, I came up with a plan to create the scripted field URL (that includes the time and other filter values) and add a saved search containing the URL to the aggregate dashboard. The URL would be used to launch the timelion interface (not the dashboard visualization) in a new tab.

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Hi Tony, thanks for the reply.

I am having trouble with understanding your approach :cry:

What is the scripted field URL? Do you mean by 'format-URL' in create scripted field?

If it is right, How and where did you add timepicker value on it?
what is the terminology for the timepicker?

I do not currently have a way to get the timepicker values. I am replying to your post because I would also like the ability to access the timepicker values within a scripted field.

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Oh, right!
Sorry for the miss understanding :slight_smile:

Hope to have this feature soon.

When I find the way, I will share that with you!

Hi there, there's currently no way to use the timepicker value from within a scripted field. Would you mind filing a feature request on our repo so we can track it?


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OK I will do that! :grinning:

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