Use variable in search query

I am using python elasticsearch client to query.

Everything works fine except using queries string as variable. Sorry if this is more python question.

This works well.

index_name = "logstash-abc-*"
res =, body={"query": {"bool": {"filter": [{"term": {"message": "ssh",}},{"term": {host: "admin01",}},]}}})

I want {"term": {"message": "ssh",}} part as a variable and preset 10+ patterns.
Something like this.

index_name = "logstash-abc-*"
q1 = "{\"term\": {\"message\": \"ssh\",}}"
q2 = "{\"term\": {\"syslog_ip\": \"\",}}"
res =, body={"query": {"bool": {"filter": [q1,q2,{"term": {host: "admin01",}},]}}})

Looks like q1 and q2 are ignored in search query. Can you use variable in the es search query?
How can you check what a full request query string sent?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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