User Activities on Kibana

Is that possible to get user activities happened on Kibana by enabling X-pack?
Actually what we need to figure out is:

  1. Who has visited which dashboard / visualization?
  2. Which dashboard is the most popular one?


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I don't think we have logging that can show you that right now.

I tried turning on Elasticsearch audit logging. That does show the username as they open a dashboard (something like a GET request) but it doesn't log the body of the request or response so you don't get the title (or id) of the dashboard that user opened.

I turned on Kibana verbose logging and don't get either username or dashboard name there.

And I turned on the slowlog logging in Elasticsearch for the .kibana index and that also doesn't show the username opening the dashboard or the name of the dashboard.

But there is an enhancement request to provide this functionality. Hopefully we can deliver it some day.

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