User history request & Logs


I am actually trying to index user history request in ElasticSearch but I did't succeded.
I come here to know if there is a solution or an alternative to do what I want.

My configuration :

  • ElasticSearch witch X-pack (to define users)
  • Kibana with X-pack
  • FileBeat to take log from ElasticSearch (slowlog and access_log)
  • Logstash to filter log comming from FileBeat and index in ElasticSearch

So, I wanted to mix slowlog and access_log to have something like this :

  • Time : the @timestamp of the request
  • User : the user who wrote the request
  • Index : one or more indexes
  • Request : something like {"match":{...}}

The problem is that the User is in the access_log and the Request in slowlog and I can't link the two because the only connection between the two logs is Index. The @timestamp can't be used because it don't fit between the logs.

Is there a solution that I did't seen or an alternative ?

Thank you for your attention.

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