User impersonation UserA/UserB/Mgmt

I have 2 users (userA and userB) these are setup with roles that only allow them to see information within indexes specific to themselves. the dashboards and widgets are the same whichever the user is logged in but as they only have access to their own data the widgets display relevant information just to each user

Question - could I have a third user called mgmt who could impersonate either of these users so a manager could look at userA or userB data without having to log in/out of kibana if so how?

We don't currently have a method of supporting this so I've created a feature request -

Thanks -i suppose the only other way in the meantime might be to wrap kibana in a web app/iFrame and change roles assigned to a user depending on some interaction within the web app via the API (if this is doable)?

I'm honestly not sure how that would work since it gets into the how the security mechanism works. How you choose to approach this problem will have a lot to do with your particular situation - how many users do you need to support? etc.

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