User Management for Kibana (Open Source tools)

(rocky) #1

Hi Team,

I have installed ELK on a single server , filebeats, topbeats on client servers.

currently I am able to view logs in Kibana dashborad using admin credentials.
How can we setup usermanagent on Kibana?

Kindly suggest the opensource tools which are used?


(Khalah Jones Golden) #2

There is one plugin I've found after doing some research, that seems at least maintained, though I'm not sure it will do what you need.

However might I suggest Shield it's something we've been constantly working on and improving, and that stays up to date with the latest and greatest ES.

(rocky) #3

Thanks Jones for your response. Should be purchase licences for Shield?

(Khalah Jones Golden) #4

You can start with the trial, set it up. Impress who you must, then buy a license.

(system) #5