User Permission Synchronization in Workspace Search

How Users in Workspace are managed ..Does it managed through Active directory and by another source? and How frequent are user permission are synced up and gets reflected

Hi @Dineshbabu_Sekar ,

Sounds like you might be looking for this documentation: Set up Enterprise Search with Active Directory user authentication | Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation [8.0] | Elastic

or perhaps this more generic section, if you're not tied to Active Directory specifically: Manage users and access to Enterprise Search | Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation [8.0] | Elastic

Thanks Will Look in to it

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This does not really cover an answer to the question how permissions are handled, no? I'm also trying to figure this out and for me it is not yet clear if it is possible to sync permissions when you use SAML to authenticate users from AzureAD.

When I use federated authentication with AzureAD, the users are not visible in enterprise search so I'm just wondering how we sync permissions for example for Sharepoint Online. Do I just use the username field of sharepoint that is mapped to the username field in enterprise search to create the role bindings? Could you maybe provide me an example on the API call that is necessary for this?

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