User/Role who can only see Dashboards and ML


I need to create a new user who can only see Dashboards and has access to existing ML jobs and results. I tried the following configuration but no luck. we have two Nodes: one data and one for ML. the "gcac" role provides access to the relevant index.


i also tried this for a test:

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What specifically is not working? Is a user able to see too much, or too little?


I only get the dashboard link on the side menu, so the machine learning cant be accessed?


Hi @Bill_McConaghy,
is it possible to have a role or user, that when they login will only see the DASHBOARD & ML tabs on the left?

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Management, Visualize, Discover and Dashboard are not plugins, they are part of kibana core and currently there is no easy way to hide them. For console and Timelion you can try

console.enabled: false
timelion.enabled: false



Hi Rashmi,
i assume that would also disable the console/timelion for all users? To avoid this, are there any visualizations we can use to represent the anomaly explorer using elastic cloud? i have a seen a swim-lane visualization, but this is not available via the cloud.

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