User & Roles issue


I am new to to Elasticsearch I have zero knowledge in it.

let me provide a brief intro to my setup what I could understand . We are using elastic cloud based version in that we are using elastic as a monitoring tool for network devices such as router & switches via logstash using SNMP & also we use Heartbeat. There are also multiple spaces created in elastic.

Now about my query someone from my team had created a custom PHP website to add users to elastic the webpage frontend UI contains some options like username, password, then something called circuit id I am not sure what it is but we can assign multiple circuit id for a user by pressing enter and then add the next circuit id & the last option is select the space where this user needs access to

Then once the user is added we can then select the space A to which the user was given access & login, once logged in I can see a selection of circuit id that was added when creating the user selecting one of those takes to me specific dashboard.

The similar setup is done for the space B but the thing is that only one circuit id shows when I login with the test user on that space so not sure what is causing this is it the roles or something else entirely

I also tried to compare between Space A & Space B user roles to see if there are any differences between them in elastic, so when I see both users side by side they have a default role assigned as per their name like for Space A user default role is Space A & same for Space B user default role applied is Space B there is one more role which I can see as NG-W which searched in roles but not able to find it anywhere. Also there some Granted documents query which is same on both users roles.

So I am not able to figure out what the issue is both user settings look same only one NG-W role is not showing anywhere which is assigned to both.

Can someone help please.

Hey @Vinay_Menon1, welcome to the discussion boards!

If I understand correctly, it sounds like you're not sure why Space B only has 1 circuit id whereas Space A has multiple?

The concept of a circuit id isn't native to Elastic/Kibana -- this must be something custom, possibly managed by that PHP Website. Can you reach out to your team to get a better understanding of where this circuit id comes from, and how it is managed? Once we know what that is, then we might be able to assist further.

Is it possible that the missing circuit ids only exist within Space A, and not in Space B? Can we test this by logging in as a superuser (such as the elastic account), navigate to Space B, and see if this issue still persists? That will at least rule in/out a privileges issue.

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