Users with unique transactions

Hello all,

How can I visualize (what kind of visualization can be applied here) the user_names which have always only pass transactions and in that time show users that always only have failed transactions. (I think i can use Line type of visualization but i can't). Or maybe i can do this in Timelion (if yes, can you advise how or where to read good examples/description)?

Really stack here, can't see any metric in Kibana that can accomplish my needs

Kibana version 6.2.4.

Basically I have fields user_name , type_of_transaction (pass or failed) and of course time.

Thanks in advance!


If you trying to look at user names which have only pass transactions in a particular time period - doesn't that exclude users which have only failed transactions? So I don't think that is possible.

If you can use status in terms aggregation - you can use a pie chart and will be able to see users with pass transactions and users with fail transactions in a given time period.

Does that help?



Well I want to see only those user that for last week have only pass transactions VS on the same chart/table etc users that for that period have only failed transactions.

If I use pie chart how I can filter those users that have both status for this week. I dont see possibility to not include in pie chart those who have 2 types of transaction at once for needed period.

Seems in visualization it is not possible... will try to do in Timelion (need to learn how :slight_smile: )

Thanks anyway for helping!

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