Using a custom HttpTransport in ElasticSearch

Hi everyone,

So I've created a NetworkPlugin that uses a custom HttpTransport. I've also registered it using NetworkPlugin.getHttpTransports(). However, when I install this plugin and run ES, it doesn't seem to be using my Http Transport. After looking at, I found this:

/** Adds an http transport implementation that can be selected by setting {@link #HTTP_TYPE_KEY}. */
    private void registerHttpTransport(String key, Supplier<HttpServerTransport> factory) {
        if (transportHttpFactories.putIfAbsent(key, factory) != null) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("transport for name: " + key + " is already registered");

Now it says I have to set HTTP_TYPE_KEY to select my HttpTransport. I couldn't find any way to set this. Can someone please tell me how to set this parameter?


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