Using a different Index other than Heartbeat-7.0.0

Hey dear Elastic-Team,

The documentation gives following specification about how the index should be named for uptime App.

Kibana 7.0 requires an index of heartbeat-7* (containing documents from Heartbeat 7.0).

And im using Heartbeat but have a different name for my index so im not able to use the Uptime App.
Is it possible to use a different index name than Heartbeat-7* for the Uptime-App ? Or is this currently not possible ?

Thanks for any response


Hi, @PeterPain

I have the same doubt about Uptime. It would be nice to configure it like Infrastructure & Logs (Elastic Doc).

Regards :vulcan_salute:

id want this flexibility too in a similar way to the Infrastructure settings. But have worked with whats there ... cant have everything all at once

Have you tried an index alias

Perhaps that will work for you...

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Hey Stephen,

Thanks for your response. Using an Alias for my Indices worked !
Easy and nice solution by using following syntax:

POST /_aliases
    "actions" : [
        { "add" : { "index" : "all_your_indices*", "alias" : "heartbeat-7" } }

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