Index name that Uptime look for


I want to have different users not to be able to see all uptime data in the Uptime app. My approach would be to have different heartbeat instances creating indices with different names and set the permissions for the users appropriately.

For which index names does the Uptime app look for?

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Is it possible to change this somehow?

Hi there. I'm the Product Manager for Uptime. Right now, no, it cannot be changed. That being said, we are actually working on this capability quite literally as I type this. I obviously can't commit to an exact release date but our hope it to get it into the next (7.7) release. As with any software project, that could change if any big issues come up but it's looking on target so far.

Heya @leprovokateur - there actually is a workaround you can use.

In truth, the Uptime app matches against a pattern like heartbeat*, so it is possible for you to achieve your goal, using either index names or aliases. You can create an index like heartbeat-custom-1 and heartbeat-custom-2, and then grant whatever permissions you choose to roles for each, then assign those roles to your users.

For example, below is a view of my Index Management screen when running as an admin:

I created two users, User1 and User2, and assigned them each a custom role. user-role-1 grants access to heartbeat-hi-leprovokateur1*, and user-role-2 grants access to heartbeat-hi-leprovokateur2*.

I'm running two instances of Heartbeat. They were both originally writing to heartbeat-8.0.0..., but I've modified them each to write to the other two indices. One of them is logging its location as fairbanks and the other as harrisburg.

My first user can only see locations like harrisburg:

My second user can only see locations like fairbanks:

And this is what my super user sees (i.e. the data from all three heartbeat* indices combined:

I think this accomplishes what you're looking for. Let me know if anything is unclear, cheers.


I am happy to see that you are removing hard-coded index names from uptime app. Will you accommodate cross cluster search - ccs also in the uptime app? Currently we are using our own dashboard for heartbeat because of the current implementation, so hope for news on topic.


Hi Kim - that’s correct! It should ship at the same time.

Awesome, we will be waiting for 7.7 :smile:

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