Uptime indices setting available?


in the spaces I've created, I limit access to certain indices, so space A has access to heartbeat-a-* indices and space B has access to heartbeat-b-* indices only. I've created role A and role B to achieve this.

In the Metrics app or SIEM app, there are space related settings available, which I can use to set the used indices for that app in that space, for the Uptime app, I don't have this. This is a problem, if a user has both roles, then he sees the heartbeat monitors for both roles in the Uptime app, no matter, which space he is using.

Are there any hidden settings I can use eg. with the saved objects APIs to set an indices value ?


I'm actively working on this here! https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/53550 , it's currently targeted at 7.7 but that may change.

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