Using boost in a match query

I am trying to find documentation about the boost feature of a match query like in the following sample:

  "match": {
    "name": {
      "query": "sony",
      "boost": 10,
      "_name": "match sony"

Is the boost still meant to be used like this or should we boost in another way? Is it documentated somewhere in the reference manual?


Yes but with a single query it does not really make sense IMO as the scoring order will be the same in that case.

It's more something you want to apply on different fields or different queries.

For example:

I agree, I have multiple match queries in this case that I did not add to the source code. I am curious why the boost option is not in de reference manual. Thanks for the gist by the way, nice to have around for samples :slight_smile:

It’s an option available for all (most?) text queries.

I agree it should be documented in the reference guide like in the match query.

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