Using and Cloud.auth in logstash

Hello All,

I've been playing around with Logstash recently and thought it'll be cool to pick your lots brain about something.

When in the logstash.yml, I place the and cloud.auth, which is well and ok. But then when I go to output data, in a .conf file, I leave out the username and password to the host url (as the cloud.auth should cover that) but I keep getting a '401 error'. But then when I put a username and password in the output it works.

Does this mean that the cloud.auth set up isn't working in Logstash? (it works in all the beats that I have set up) or am I missing something?

I found a post on the discussion page from another person about this but no real answer or reasoning to why (Using cloudid in logstash).

Which version are you using? Support for was added in 7.6.0.

Hey @Badger,

Ah missed that out!

The Logstsash that is in use is 7.7.0.

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