Using CoOrdinated nodes in ES cluster

I have 6 nodes cluster where all nodes marked with "mdi". Now I added 3 more Co-Ordinated nodes and configured with master=false, data=false, ingest=false.
Now those nodes shows role as "-". As per doc this indicates that they are coordinated nodes.
Now I tried my runs and I hardly see these co-ordinated nodes usage.
I was expecting all requests will route via coordinated nodes. Atleast search requests.
Do I need to do any special changes to rest client to use these coordinated nodes.

How are you testing?

You already changed all your clients endpoints to talk only with the coordinate nodes?

I am using org.Elasticsearch.client and create a RestClient. Some thing like below.
For now Iam using node selector to skip dedicated masters to hit.
What should I change to hit coordinated nodes only.

			RestClientBuilder builder = RestClient.builder(hostArray)

I do not use that client, so I cannot help with the exact configuration, but if you want to use coordinating nodes you need to configure your client to connect only to the coordinate nodes.

ok thanks. Let me try finding any document for the same. Currently, NodeSelector supports only ALL or SKIP_DEDICATED_MASTERS. No other option to select co-ordinated nodes only.

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