Using DNS to define master list in

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I am using elasticsearch 2.3.4. In the past we have explicitly provided the IP's in This isn't idea because when I am upgrading clusters, I now have to remember to update the static list of IPs.

I would like to change this to using DNS (specifically consul DNS).

example: ['elasticsearch-master.consul.dns']

A few questions about how elasticsearch deals with DNS.

  • Is there any specific risk to using DNS in the list provided to ? (assuming DNS is working with health host)
  • How does the elasticsearch process items list? If the node can't reach the first node does it retry the DNS? "A fresh request"
  • can i only put one DNS entry or should I repeat the DNS entry because the list is only read once?

(Mark Walkom) #2 might be of interest here.

(Jaren Glover) #3

I read this issues as:

  • this is a java issue not a elasticsearch which impacts logstash and elasticsearch
  • you should be specific about your IP and if they change you should update your .yml via your CM
  • or force an restart of the elasticsearch process.

fair summary? Are there any good documentation on how to setting the file to dynamicly resolve DNS and not cache.

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