Using elasticsearch 0.19.4 with grouping support

Hi there,

as the original repo from Martijn seems not be maintained at the moment, I
have created some patches to use elasticsearch with 0.19.4, 0.19.3 and some
0.18 and 0.17 versions. They are available here

All you need to do is:
git clone git://
cd elasticsearch-grouping-patches

After running the shell script, you should have a patched elasticsearch in
your build/dist directory - ready to play with it.

For some more documentation how to use grouping with elasticsearch, go to
Martijns repository
ATTENTION: This feature is not multi-shard capable. In case you want to try
it out, make sure your index only consists of one shard.

I will add some documentation how to use it via Java API in the next days.
You could also just take a quick look at the tests in the patch file.

Regards, Alexander