Using elasticsearch embedded

(Maatari Okouya) #1


I'm trying to figure out how to embed elasticsearch in my java/scala application.

Although i found some code about the client API i'm still confused.

1 - I would like to create only one data node, and i would like it to be persistent in the sense that, each time i would start my application and give a data path it should load the data from there.

I know that elasticsearch work with the disk, i just don't see from the example i red how to specify the path and all this things.

2 - Also, Can that one node be the master node and data node at the same time. Then Can i get a client out of it with node.client() ?

Finally, any tutorial recommendation ? examples? Where is the javadoc, shall i generate it myself, no version online ?

(Mark Walkom) #2
  1. You can set to tell ES where to store and read said data.
  2. Yes that is all possible.

Have you looked at

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