Using ElasticSearch-River-MySQL

Hi there,

I want to use elasticsearch-river-mysql in
order to continuously transfer data from MySQL database to ElasticSearch.
I'm beginner with ES and rivers so I hope you can help me out with my

1. From what I know, the data will be streamed from the MySQL database 

to the ES cluster which will index it automatically. Is that correct? Are
there any timeouts or limits I have to be aware of?
2. How the foreign key relations between the relational database tables
will be translated into ES? Will the table row containing the foreign key
become an inner object for an ES document or some other relation between
the ES documents will be used?
3. Are there any disadvantages in using this river for the mentioned
above purpose?
4. What will be the load on ES by implementing this? I assume that ES
is powerful enough, but still I was wondering. Will the searches made on
the ES cluster be affected anyhow in this scenario?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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