Using ELK to analyze log warnings and exceptions - and mark them as "solved"

We run several servers running our code.

Of course there are bugs which cause exceptions and warnings since
something unusual occurs.

I want to analyze our logs to find unhandled warnings.

I am unsure if ELK can help us.

There need to be some way to aggregate warnings to a warning of type X (to
remove duplicates).

If a warning was handled and solved, we need a way to mark the warnings of
type X as solved.

The flag should only be set for a limited period of time (example 48
hours). During this
time the new code should be deployed and the error should nor occur again.

If it sill occurs after N hours the warning should be visible again.

Can you understand what I want?

Can this be done with ELK, or I am on the wrong track?

Thomas Güttler

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