Using "&embed=true" or "&hide-filter-bar=true" to hide KQL doesn't work


I tried both solutions proposed in the community forum:
1- "Adding ![kql|410x161](upload://A1ggJ3BBz6XtO6BbN1Fpt2tVP6p.jpeg) to the URL should remove the filter options."

2- You could add &embed=true a the end of your dashboard's URL. It will lock it in fullscreen, hiding KQL Search, Calendar control & sidebar.

but none of them are working for me.

ES v8.43
I'm using reverse proxy in front of ES.

How I can achieve my goal?


did you try to use both at the same time?
Adding &embed=true&hide-filter-bar=true to the Kibana url? Are you sure your reverse proxy passes correctly the parameters to the Kibana address?

Hello @Marta_Bondyra
thanks for your reply.

I tried the URL parameters you suggested.
With them, the "+" icon for filters is hide from GUI, but KQL bar still there.
In the attached screenshots the output with and without those parameters...
Is there anything else I coudl try?

kibana with additiona url parameters:

kibana without additiona url parameters:

I need to ask colleagues in order to check reverse proxy....
Thanks a lot for your help,

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