Using ES for gmail-like application

(Maxim Kramarenko) #1

I am going to use ES to implement gmail-like app, distributed over multiple
cluster nodes. Questions are:

  1. Messages will be compressed, so I need to store binaries in index, not
    plain text. Is it possible to store binary data with minimal overhead,
    without base64 encoding ?

  2. I need to show message list ordered by date with paging. How to
    implement this on clustered ES ? As I understand, if we ask first 10
    records and don't specify routing key, ES will return 10 items from each
    server, not global first 10. How to get page 2,3,..,1000 for clustered ES ?

  3. It seems like using Lucene+GlusterFS can solve both problems, any ES
    benefits for this case ?

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