Using ES for historical usage

hi guys,
I’m new with ES and I need your help :blush:

I working on a system that needs to show the history of the data it’s got- what field changed, what is the new value, and when did it change. :exploding_head:

The historical view is kinda like git diffs

Imagine an object called Person, with the fields: age,birth-date,address(country,city,street…),cellphone.
The system gets updates of Person objects, and sometimes updates doesn’t change any value.
But, when a person dies, the object has different fields: age,birth-date,time-of-death.
On the history view I want to easily see the changes over specific Person in a specified time-range.

How should I store the data in that case?
And How should I query the data with minimum manipulations “outside” the ES?


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