Using FSCrawler as REST in simulate mode. How to disable communication with ES (Elasticsearch)


We are using FSCrawler As Rest service and using it in simulate mode. We are uploading files to ES from our SDK.

All is ok so far.

However we want to configure FSCrawler to not communicate with ES , as we are only using FSCrawler as file extractor (gateway to tika), in simulate mode. is that possible? we need this because our new ES is the OpenSearch implementation and FSCrawler is having compatibility mismatches with openSearch.

Why FSCRawler needs to communicate to ES especially when we launch FSCrawler? For initiation reasons? How to disable the communication with ES.


FSCrawler needs to store some information in Elasticsearch but that should not be mandatory when running in Rest mode only.

Could you open an issue?

BTW you should switch to Elasticsearch. :wink:

Thanks David,

Issue created below:

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