Using http_proxy in the S3 output plugin?

I am having issues using the S3 output plugin

logstash_1           | [2017-12-18T08:37:47,589][ERROR][logstash.outputs.s3      ] Error validating bucket write permissions! {:message=>"Network is unreachable", :class=>"Seahorse::Client::NetworkingError"}

I guess it's due to the corporate proxy. How do i get the output plugin to use the {http,http}_proxy environment variables to get passed the proxy?

I have tried to specify both, both upper case and lower case. Nothing seems to bite.

It all works just fine in our Kubernetes cluster which is not protected by the corporate proxy.

Is there any information missing? Let me know!

I happen to stumble on the solution the other day, thought i'd share it with the world. The s3 {in,out}put plugins have a proxy_uri property instead of using the http_proxy environment variables.

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