Using amazon_es output plugin via proxy

Hi ,
This is the only knowledge sharing with the community,
after long hours spent on issue solving of sending data via amazon_es output plugin,
only thing you need to do is to add your proxy like an example below, you will not find it in amazon documentation as well maybe tiny sentence like :
"port (string, default 443) - Amazon Elasticsearch Service listens on port 443 for HTTPS (default) and port 80 for HTTP. Tweak this value for a custom proxy."

In our case Logstsh was running on docker, that been hosted on VM, and this VM was running on simulator.
We added environment variable to the simulator, it didn't helped, than to VN same issue, even added to docker itself, it didn't help until we added the proxy to the plugin itself.

So the solution looks like this:

amazon_es {
proxy => # <<<<<<<<<<<<------------ This ls the line , add your proxy address
hosts =>
region => us-east-1
aws_access_key_id => YOUR_KEY_HERE
aws_secret_access_key => LOGSTASH__SECRET_KEY
index => some_index_name

  • You may add proxy address directly or by adding an environment variable and use it in the plugin

I hope it will help you and save your time

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