Using If condition in Kibana Data Table


I am trying to create a data table visualization based on my logs received.

Logs are:

Order Number Order reached to Vendor
OR001 Yes
OR002 No
OR003 Yes

Now what I am trying to do here is that If "order reached to vendor" is Yes then display "Success" in data table else display "Failure".

In other words I am trying to use a if condition in data table. Tried to insert JSON condition also but could not succeed.

Can anyone please help.

Sounds like a perfect place to use a scripted field, which you can add by going to Management, then Index Patterns, then clicking on your index pattern, then Scripted Fields.

The scripted field would look something like this:

doc['orderReachedToVendor'].value ? 'Success' : 'Failure'

Could you give that a try?

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