Using ILM for data that can be updated or deleted at any phase

I read about ILM and as I understood the main usage is for the data that is read only.
In my scenario the latest data is much more important than old data, and as data gets old is much less likely to get accessed, but still any data might get updated or deleted.
given this scenario is it good idea to use ILM?
is there another feature which could be more beneficial?

When you want to update or delete the documents, they should be stored in Hot tier or Walm tier.

If you have timely divided indices, Hot data nodes and Warm data nodes, and want to move indices automatically from hot data nodes to warm data nodes, ILM will help you.

Using ILM and rollover when you are updating documents can be tricky as you need to identify the index holding the document you want to update before updating through a search (unless you know in which index the document resides), which makes updates more expensive.


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