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I am new to ES and LS trying to setup a pipeline that ingests pdf documents from a directory into ES using the ingest-attachment plugin. Do I have to extract the file's content myself or will it be done automatically by ES?

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You should pass the file base64 encoded, please read these discussions which will claryfy and give sample codes as well:



And also the docs which will help you a lot.


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Thank you very much for the links. Now I know how to design the processing

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You can also look at:


I try to execute.
[INFO] BUILD FAILURE (Unknown lifecycle phase "build")
Is-there a bin directory to help me ?

(David Pilato) #6

What do you try to execute?


I try to "execute" your stackoverflow post :


The command to index a PDF and the command to search into a PDF after indexing.


I tried fscrawler more "seriously" and I succed to create my index.

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Did you manage to fix it or still need help?

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Thank you for you help.

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