Using Kibana for host and service monitoring


I'm new to Elasticsearch, Kibana and Beats. Coming from Icinga I have to get host and service monitoring into Kibana (monitoring like which host or service has problems or is not running). Actually I can't see a way to have an overview of hosts or services with problems. Is there a best practices how to get monitoring up and running? At first I have data from 3 hosts using filebeat, metricbeat (system module) and auditbeat coming in. But how to get this correctly visualized in Kibana to see problems of single hosts and services? (maybe like in Icinga or an alternative good way)

I'd suggest to take a look to the default dashboards that the beats can configure on your Kibana instance (docs for filebeat, for example), and maybe also Elastic observability solutions (APM, Logs, Uptime) for inspiration.

Maybe others can give more direct suggestions, sorry I'm not an expert on this field :sweat_smile:

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