Using Kibana with FHIR (Questionnaire Response)

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New to Kibana, I've created a few visualisations etc no problem but I actually need to do some visuals from data that is held in a FHIR QuestionnaireResponse format index.
So for example if I wanted to split the questionnaire response by Gender for a pie chart ...
Gender is not held in its own 'field' Gender is 1 question but all of the Questions are saved in the same 'field' with their own LinkID
I tried creating a pie and using the link ID of only the gender question as a filter but the data in the pie still seems to show answers from all questions.
Has anyone any advice on displaying data from this format?
Even in Kibana if I view the index in Discover mode and hover over the Item field (which holds the questions & answers) it says 'Objects in arrays are not well supported'
Can anyone help? Thanks

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you should try and normalize the data and remove the nested objects. Best would be to split all those objects in the array in the JSON in different documents. Otherwise there are too many limitations in working with them in Kibana.

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Thank you, had come to that conclusion

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