Using logback within Sheild custom realm



Hello Everyone,

I'm new to Shield and attempting to create a custom realm.

We have an existing application, which provides us with user roles, and I am trying to integrate the application within my custom realm. I have placed it in the authenticate method so it would populate the user role accordingly.

Unfortunately, it seems to have an issue running within the Shields plugin framework and now I would like to trace it. The existing application uses logback, but I noticed Shield uses log4j. Is there a way to enable logback to I can see my application's logs within Shield?

Thanks for any info you can offer up.

(Jay Modi) #2

I think you need to look into replacing log4j in elasticsearch with logback since shield does not control the logger; we piggyback on the elasticsearch infrastructure. There is an old thread about it but I really have no idea if it will still work. Replacing log4j with logback

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